The Movie:

A war photographer suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder retires to rural Northumberland, still haunted by tragic events from the past. There he befriends a teenage girl, Julie, who bears a remarkable resemblance to a girl he knew from his last assignment. By befriending Julie, the photographer puts himself in conflict with Julie's father, who is terrified that his daughter will abandon him, the way his wife had ten years earlier. The father's relationship with Julie gets more and more violent, until finally, one morning Julie disappears.

Believing that the photographer is responsible for Julie’s disappearance, the father confronts him, but unlike everyone else in the village, the photographer isn't intimidated.

When the father’s associates get involved, the situation escalates and the photographer finds that far from being a safe rural retreat, the Northumbrian forests are a bad place to be hunted.


A European style drama with war aspects.